Fabrication of lampshades

Since our origins, the fabrication of lampshades is the maximum exponent of our work. During all these years we have been characterized for giving form and design to all the ideas that our clients have asked us for.

Nowadays the possibilities of fabrication of lampshades are very varied, not only in materials and finishes but also in forms and designs. In El Taller we have bet always for the textile lampshades, since it allows us to make multiple works with perfect finishes and modern and ancient designs, giving as a result a unique product, of quality and totally personalized.

Among our lampshades, El Taller provides you with the greatest diversity of fabrication, from conic, cylindrical or squared lampshades, to pleated lampshades , which is one of the products that differentiate us more from our competitors.

We manufacture lampshades of big dimensions, that can be from 10 cm of diameter to 2,5 m.

Gallery ofDesigns